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Nipin Kohli


Nipin Kohli (Physics) probes into the sensing mechanism of semiconducting oxides based gas sensor, using a unique combination of physico-chemical investigation techniques.

Christy Kulz


Christy Kulz (Sociology) explores how Brexit and the resurgent nationalism across Europe are being experienced through the lives of British migrants in Berlin.

Liang Liang


Liang Liang (Electrochemistry) devotes her research to understanding the relationship between the structure and the property of electroreduction of CO2.

Ana Pérez-López


Ana Pérez-López (Organic Chemistry) develops a bioanalytical platform to characterise metal side-reactions on proteins in order to bring forward research on anticancer therapies.

Julie Louvrier


Julie Louvrier (Applied Ecology) develops a population model to assess and predict wolf recolonization that can serve as a tool for wildlife managers to help anticipate possible conflicts with human activities.

Tahereh Shojaeimehr


Tahereh Shojaeimehr (Chemical Engineering) studies the treatment of hazardous pollutants from wastewater to achieve a biodegradable, simple, practical, and environmental-friendly method.

Alison Sperling

Alison Sperling (English, Gender Studies) develops notions of Nature and the Wilderness in the Anthropocene through contaminated and toxic sites.

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