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Nora Gottlieb

Lupe [1]

"My research examines how socio-political factors - such as conceptualizations of belonging, rights and social justice - shape the health of marginalized populations, in particular of different migrant groups. Most of my research thus combines theories and methods from a variety of different fields, including sociology, public health ethics, global health and political philosophy. Furthermore, I am interested in the interaction of evidence and practice (e.g. with regards to political decision-making) and in strengthening the role of research in health policy-making processes."


Biographical sketch

Having grown up in Germany, I did a European Masters Program in International Health (Charité Medical School at Humboldt University/European TropEd Network) and then moved to Israel in 2004. Here, I worked for a Human Rights organization, played lots of beachvolleyball and then, in 2013, accomplished a PhD at Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva. From 2014 to 2015 I was a Fulbright postdoctoral fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago, US.



Email: nora.gottlieb[at]tu-berlin.de



IPODI Research Project

The costs and benefits of providing asylum seekers with access to comprehensive primary health care

Duration: 1 May 2016 - 16 August 2019

Mentor: Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Busse, Faculty VII, Institut für Technologie und Management, Management im Gesundheitswesen

Abstract: By today, there is a huge body of knowledge on migration and health, health inequities, analyses of migrant health policies, etc. However, there is few systematic evidence on "what works" in terms of migrant health care provision, and there are no comparative evaluations of existing strategies to improve migrant health care. E.g., within Germany, different models for providing primary care to asylum seekers exist; but to date nobody knows how those different models fare (e.g. with regard to health outcomes, cost-effectiveness or social implications).
My project aims to comparatively assess these models for health care provision to asylum seekers within the German context, as part of a larger research effort to identify good practices in migrant health care across the EU.

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